How to wash JC London leggings

How to wash JC London leggings

We all know it: yoga pants are (ahem, were) the unofficial garment of 2020. Whether you’ve been trying out the newest "hybrid yoga" classes or just lounging around with your family and friends, comfort truly has been at its best thanks to our beloved leggings. But after all that use, we need to remember one essential practice: how to clean them! Today, let's talk about washing JC London's fabulous leggings so you can get back into your downward dog flow in no time.


Gather the Goods - Start by grabbing your leggings, a mild detergent, a gentle fabric softener (optional), and a bucket of cold water


Let's face it, laundry day can feel like a drag. But fear not, my fellow clothes-washers, for I have a tip that'll make the experience slightly more enjoyable: grab your leggings. Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. Starting your laundry adventure off with a trusty pair of leggings is the key to success. And don't forget the mild detergent, gentle fabric softener (if you're feeling fancy), and, of course, a bucket of cold water. With these goods by your side, you'll be well on your way to becoming a laundry pro. Go forth and conquer those stains, my friends.

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Wash with Care - Fill the bucket with water and add in just enough detergent to create a light suds. Submerge your leggings in the solution and swish them around with your hands for about 5 minutes


Your leggings have been on quite the adventure, from yoga class to coffee runs to who knows where else. They deserve some TLC in the form of a gentle wash. But don't just throw them in the machine and hope for the best. Oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, fill up a bucket with water and add just the right amount of detergent to create some light suds. Get those legs (the leggings, not your own) in the water and give 'em a good swish for about 5 minutes. Believe me, your trusty leggings will thank you and reward you with many more comfy and stylish wears.


Rinse Thoroughly - Dump out the soapy water and rinse your leggings thoroughly in cold running water until no more soap remains


Picture this: you've just finished a sweaty workout, and you can't wait to take off those pesky leggings. But before you do, make sure to give them a good rinse! Dump out that soapy water and let those leggings bask in the glory of cold running water. Trust us, you don't want any lingering soap suds causing you discomfort later on. Give those leggings the TLC they deserve and rinse, rinse, rinse!


Hang 'em High - Once you've rinsed all of the soap away, it's time to hang them up to dry! Hang them on a clothesline or drying rack away from direct sunlight


Time to say goodbye to your sudsy friends and let them air dry like the clothespin-clad divas they are. Find a cozy spot for them to twirl and dance in the breeze, away from the harsh judgment of Mr. Sun. Don't be tempted to skip this crucial step. It's the difference between a fresh and fuzzy washed towel. So, go ahead, give them a place to hang out and dry off. They deserve it. After all, they work hard to keep us clean and comfy. Cheers to our noble washcloths and towels, hanging high and proud!


Soften up your leggings by adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle for extra softness, if desired.

  • Ladies, listen up! Want to add some extra softness to your leggings? Say no more, because I've got just the trick. All you need is a capful of fabric softener added to the rinse cycle and voila! Your leggings will be feeling softer than a cloud. No more rough fabric irritating your skin, or scratchy knees ruining your day. Now, you can strut your stuff in the coziest leggings in town. So go ahead and give it a try, your legs will thank you for it.
  • Enjoy! - Now that your leggings are clean and dry, slip back into them and feel good as new!
  • Ah, what a relief it is to finally have those leggings fresh and clean again! It's like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, or rather, off your legs. And slipping back into them? Pure bliss. You can practically hear your limbs sighing in contentment. It's a feeling that's hard to describe, like a warm hug from an old friend. But let's not waste any more time on metaphors, shall we? Let's just revel in the victory that is clean leggings and bask in the sheer pleasure of feeling good as new. Enjoy, my fellow legging-lovers, enjoy!
  • Who can say no to a great pair of fresh leggings? Now that you know how to extend the life of them, don your favorite pair and strut around with confidence! Not only will they look the best, but you’ll be comfy and cozy in them all day long. Be sure to say “thank you” to your leggings for not falling apart on you, 'cause everyone deserves at least that much appreciation! So grab a bucket and some detergent, get washin', and then go show off your newest fashion statement – clean leggings!



Why proper washing leggings is important?

To ensure the longevity and shape of your LYCRA® leggings, it's important to follow proper care instructions. Start by machine washing them in cold water and laying them flat to dry. This not only safeguards the integrity of the fabric but also maintains the overall appearance of your gear.

JC London Leggings have become a staple in many wardrobes, offering a blend of comfort and style for various occasions. Whether you wear them to the gym or as a fashion statement, it's crucial to know how to care for them properly, ensuring their longevity, shape, and color.

If you're concerned about potential damage, hand washing is a viable alternative to protect your leggings from the washer. However, if your leggings have secure hems and elastic, machine washing on a gentle cycle should suffice. It's worth noting that handwashing conserves water, so you may choose this method to minimize your environmental impact.

For spot cleaning, hand washing is highly effective. You can use a spot-cleaning stick from your preferred detergent brand or even a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Remember to address any loosening hems or elastic before washing, ensuring they are securely fixed. Additionally, close any zippers and velcro to prevent damage during the washing process.

When selecting a detergent, opt for one specifically formulated for cold washing, as Lululemon leggings are made from LYCRA material. Brands like Wisk and Tide offer suitable detergents for cold cycles.

Whether you choose handwashing or machine washing, it's crucial to separate your leggings from materials with different compositions, such as cotton fibers that may cling to the fabric. Washing similar materials together ensures optimal results.

After washing, create a separate bath for rinsing your leggings by gently wringing them dry without overstretching the fabric. Once excess water is removed, lay your leggings flat on a surface to air dry. Alternatively, you can hang them to dry, although laying them flat preserves their shape more effectively.

How to Wash JC London Leggings in a Washing Machine

These leggings are amazing! To keep them in top shape, follow these tips for washing. First, make sure to use a cold wash cycle. You can even toss them in with delicate fabrics. And if your leggings are dark, no worries! Wash them with other dark or bright colors in cold water to prevent any dye bleeding.

Remember, always check the label for any special instructions. Your leggings might need an extra gentle wash depending on the material. But don't worry, a typical cold wash cycle will do the trick, ranging between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Start with the lowest temperature for the first wash for the best results. Oh, and don't forget to turn your pants inside out!

The best part? You don't need fabric softeners for your Lululemon leggings. They're already super comfortable and ready to wear once dried. Plus, using fabric softeners can actually damage the LYCRA fabric, and we don't want that!

Now, let's talk about drying. It's best to flat dry or hang dry your leggings, if possible. But if you're in a rush, a gentle, low-temperature tumble dry in the dryer will work too. Just remember to avoid using too much detergent. Stick to the lowest recommended amount for your load. Too much detergent can affect the water-repellant properties of your Lululemon leggings over time.

And speaking of drying, avoid those hot or medium temperature cycles. We don't want your leggings to shrink! So, always follow the label's instructions and opt for lower temperatures. Hang drying them is a great way to avoid shrinkage and protect the LYCRA fabric.

And here's a little bonus tip! If you wear your leggings to the gym a lot and they need freshening up, simply add a few drops of lavender oil to a paper towel and toss it in the dryer with your leggings. Just make sure to keep the dryer setting on a cool, low tumble dry.

So there you have it! Follow these tips to keep your leggings looking and feeling their best. Happy washing!

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